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5 Best Wedding Ceremony Enhancements

Wedding ceremony enhancements are elements and rituals can be added to your ceremony by your wedding celebrant. The enhancements can be customized to each couple so that they reflect each couple's unique journey and love story. Wedding Ceremony Enhancements are a great way to get family members involved in the wedding ceremony and they help to bring even more significance and meaning to the occasion. Your wedding celebrant will help you to choose the most appropriate wedding enhancements for your ceremony and then create and deliver your perfect wedding in your dream location. Here are 5 of the best wedding ceremony enhancements for you to consider.

1. Celtic Handfasting

Did you know that Handfasting was the original wedding ceremony of the ancient Celts? After all, it's where we get the saying "tying the knot"!!

In this ceremony, our couple face each other with hands clasped and then braided cords or colourful ribbons are wrapped around so that the hands are tied together. During the Handfasting, we call upon the earth and sky to bless the union with health, love and prosperity. Celtic Handfasting is a fun way to end your wedding ceremony as you then walk down the aisle, bound together for life.

2. Unity Candle Ceremony

Lighting a Unity candle during your wedding ceremony is a special way to symbolise your two lives, joining together as one. This is also a great ceremony to get other family members involved.....for instance both Mums or Dads could light the individual candles to symbolise the love of both families and then the couple light the Wedding Candle to reflect the joining together of both families in this unique union. During the candle ceremony, we ask that your love will cast warmth and light on your lives together.

3. Sand Blending Ceremony

This ceremony enhancement again represents the blending of two or more lives into one family. It is a great way to get children involved in the ceremony as each child (or indeed grandchild) can have their own sand, coloured to blend with the others. The sand can be gathered from your favourite beaches at home or abroad and the blended sand container can be displayed in your home as a unique reminder of the promises you made to each other on your wedding day.

4. Ring Warming Ceremony

This wedding ceremony enhancement is my own personal favourite and is perfect for small intimate weddings or for family vow renewals. As each guest warms the wedding rings in their hands, they infuse the rings with good luck and best wishes for the couple in their lives ahead. What a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of your married life together!

5. Rose Ceremony

A rose or flower ceremony is similar to the ring warming ceremony because it involves all the guests at the wedding and so again it works very well in smaller weddings. Each guest brings rose (or another type of flower) to the ceremony and infuses the flower with love and good wishes for the couple. Then at the appointed time, each guest places their individual flower in a large vase on the ceremony table and so a spectacular bouquet of flowers is formed which can then form part of the floral display for the wedding reception.

Consult with your wedding celebrant to discuss which enhancements will best suit your wedding ceremony and mix and match wedding ceremony enhancement to create a beautiful, bespoke wedding ceremony filled with love and best wishes for your both as you start your married life together.

Happy Wedding Planning

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